Nielsen Homescan Canada: Scan Your Shopping and Be Rewarded

Get Rewarded for Doing Your Weekly Shopping

Shopping is a fun process. No wonder why so many people claim to be the so-called “shopaholics”, but is it really so much fun when you are shopping for the commonplace household items? That too on a weekly basis? Many people would agree to disagree. The truth is that weekly shopping can be sometimes a back breaking process with all the hustle and bustle. Maybe there have been times where you have wondered if you were ever going to get repaid for all the hard work you have been doing. There may be a good message for you here. Nielsen, a research company has actually started a new survey wherein they are rewarding people for doing nothing but shopping. All you have to do is join their research panel that goes by the name Home Scan. You will be required to scan the barcodes of all the items that you have purchased and send them the data. The companies will then go through your data and send you a reward.

Step 1: Sign up to join the panel

The first step to becoming a part of the research panel is the filling up of an online application. The forms for Nielsen Home Scan project are available on the company’s official website. You will be required to answer a few questions about yourself, your household as well as your family’s shopping habits. After this step is completed, the company will process the information that you have given and if they see you as fit for joining the survey program, they will send you an online notification.

Step 2: Scan your shopping

When you become a member of the panel, the company will send you a package by post that will comprise of a handheld scanner and a barcode booklet. Every time your family makes a purchase, you will be required to scan the item with this handheld scanner. In the case of the items that come without a barcode, you should use the barcoded booklet for categorization.

Step 3: Send your shopping data to Nielsen

The handheld scanner will have a base stand with a display panel. Using this base stand, send the entire scanned shopping data to Nielsen.


Step 4: Claim your rewards

This last step is only about claiming your rewards. Every time you send in the information about your shopping. Some points will be added to your account. Each month, you will have an option for using up these points to get discounts on various vouchers and activities. You can also save up the points and make a bigger withdraw all at one go. Apart from that, you will also be entered into a draw every month where you will have chances of winning gifts like consoles, TVs, and holiday packages.

Nielsen is conducting this survey on behalf of the retailers and manufacturers so as to understand the shopping trend in different households. There are no fees for becoming a member of the panel. All you have to send in the scanned shopping data and claim your rewards. So become a member of the panel right away and start earning your points.