Surface Laptop Review

Great experience from the keyboard

With a 1.5mm high key design (three times the height of the MacBook’s keypad), the Surface Laptop offers a much better typing experience compared to a MacBook. The keys of the Surface Laptop are very good bouncing, easy to position the keyboard, compared with the design of the keyboard is close to the frame of the Macbook Surface Laptop has outperformed completely in terms of keyboard design. . In addition, the typing of the Surface Laptop will not create noise, giving users the best experience when working.

Equipped with the latest generation of Intel processors

The Surface laptop is powered by Intel’s latest 7-processor, Kaby Lake, which will be available in the market today. Even the MacBook Pro lineup launched last year was based on Intel’s sixth-generation microprocessor.

The keyboard uses Alcantara

The keyboard is made of Alcantara material – a leather supplier, as well as materials for super luxury cars such as Ferrari, Lamboghini … This will completely overcome the feeling of cold hands. When using the majority of laptops today. In addition to the Surface Laptop’s keyboard is equipped with anti-spill and anti-dirt, you will not need to worry about dirt will stick to the surface of the keyboard.

Better battery life

According to Microsoft, the Surface Laptop has a battery life of up to 14.5 hours, far surpassing all MacBook models Apple has released before. The Macbook product with the best battery life is the 15-inch Macbook Pro, which lasts only 10 hours 32 minutes.

Touch screen

TouchBar on the Macbook Pro is a huge plus for this product because it’s neat and has a lot of features. But it would be nothing compared to the Surface Laptop’s touch screen. The Surface Laptop also comes with a built-in Surface Pen, allowing you to draw or annotate content directly on the screen.


Variety of colors

In addition to the look and feel that has brought allure to its perfection, the Surface Laptop has its own color scheme, even the most demanding customers will also admire the all-new color design. Of Microsoft. Ignoring the seemingly old colors of Rose Gold, Space Gray, Gold and Silver, the Surface Laptop comes in extremely modern and impressive colors: Trendy red burgundy, mysterious Cobalt Blue or graphite gold and platinum.

Face recognition capabilities

Like the high-end smartphones, the Surface Laptop is also equipped with facial recognition security technology on its device. For Macbook you will also get this feature but only if the Macbook is connected to the iPhone with the same Apple ID.

Here are the comparative reviews between Surface Laptop and Macbook. Hope this article will help you have the best view on these two products.

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